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About Puppet Releases

Understanding Puppet Versions

Puppet Labs has adopted semantic versioning (“SemVer”). The SemVer specification provides a way for developers to communicate the impact of new releases through the version numbering scheme, which in turn helps users assess the benefits and potential drawbacks of upgrading their software.

In Puppet Open Source versions prior to 3.0.0 and in Puppet Enterprise versions prior to 2.5.3, release numbering did not comply with the SemVer specification.

In versions released prior to the introduction of semantic versioning it is especially important to consult all the release notes when upgrading: Version numbers for these releases do not make any guarantees about backward compatibility.

Upgrading Puppet

We strongly recommend ensuring your master and agents are the same version.

We also strongly recommend that you upgrade your master first and then your agents: Earlier agent versions usually work with later masters, but frequently have issues with earlier masters.

Finding Specific Fixes

The Roadmap Tracker lists tickets closed for each release.

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